Xmas 2020 – Aratrust launches a new children’s activities group – the inquisitive and stimulating ‘Young Adventurers’ group!

This week, Aratrust has just launched ‘Young Adventurers’, an activities group for pre-school children. Supported by their parents and some of our ‘Young Activists’ (secondary school age group), Young Adventurers from diverse backgrounds used white card, felt tips, scissors and string to make beautiful Christmas Tree decorations!

This is Aratrust’s youngest children’s and young people’s group. Aratrust started off its children’s activities with ‘Young Explorers’, its primary school age group, which has been engaged in stimulating and investigative educational activities since 1996 featuring visits to parks of historical or environmental importance, museums, art galleries, and, during the October 2020 half-term holiday, a virtual visit to the Science Museum in London.

‘Young Explorers’ celebrate community festivals, honour anti-racist leaders such as Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi and observe key dates such as Holocaust Memorial Day and the United Nations Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

In the last 2 years, Aratrust has set up ‘Young Activists’, and ‘Young Citizens’ (for the 18+ age group) who hold discussions, do research into history and racism, and support the younger groups.   

Any young person or parent of a young child wishing to participate in any of our children’s and young people’s activities is very welcome to contact us at antiracistalliancetrust@gmail.com

Aratrust is delighted to showcase some of the children’s Xmas Tree Decorations.